Allergy Relief

A Holistic Approach for the Relief of Symptoms Associated with Allergies and Sensitivities

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) offers a unique and highly effective approach in treating the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities. AAT is a precision-based therapy that treats the organ systems involved in an overreaction. AAT does not treat the immune system; instead, the therapy focuses on inappropriate reactions to a harmless substance in relation to the organs systems to produce rapid, long-term results for the relief of associated symptoms. AAT merges 21st century science with 3,000-year-old traditional acupuncture principles in offering an effective alternative in the treatment of symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.

  • Non-invasive
  • No needles
  • No herbal remedies
  • No supplements
  • No avoidance

What is an Allergy?

Allergies are a physiological error. The body reacts negatively to harmless substances, foods or stimuli. The word “allergy” comes from the Greek allos, meaning “other”. It was first used in 1906 to refer to an “altered reaction” in the body’s immune system.

An allergic reaction occurs when the body comes in contact with the allergen. This can occur through contact with the skin, inhalation, injection or ingestion of the substance.

Medical treatment includes: avoidance of the allergen, medications to reduce the symptoms of the allergic reaction or injections to desensitize the patient to the allergen. The medical classification of a “true allergy” requires an IgE-mediated response. However, there are also non-IgE-immune sensitivities as well as involvement with IgA, IgG or IgG4.

The use of the word “allergy” has become a generic term used by the public to describe allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. The distinction of a true allergy based on immunoglobulin involvement is generally unknown. Therefor, the term “allergy” is often understood as a term for any negative reaction from exposure to a benign substance. AAT treats the symptoms caused by any negative or inappropriate reaction regardless if the symptoms are caused by allergies or sensitivities.

What is AAT?

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) is a clinically proven treatment that is highly effective in relieving the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities. It is a therapeutic approach that evolved from over 19 years of collaborative research from health care professionals in the fields of acupuncture, naturopathy and chiropractic. The AAT treatment does not rely on the use of medications, herbal remedies or supplements. The treatment is safe, painless and available to all ages.

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics works directly with the relationship between the major organ systems and overreactions to harmless substances. It is the health and state of the organ systems which often determines the type of symptoms that may arise. For example, one patient may have a reaction to soybean by getting rashes while another patient may react with sinus congestion, heartburn or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The symptoms in each of these cases represent a different system involved which, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is linked to a major organ system. The degree of stress on the organ systems caused by an offending agent is proportional to the degree of the overreaction. Thus, it is the hyperactivity or stressed state that gives rise to many of the symptoms associated with sensitivities. By directly treating the organ system(s) involved, the body is able to respond more appropriately.

Our Clients Said

  • Cathy was able to make great progress the the Brain Paint therapy for increase in concentration, alleviation of hyperactivity, lowering of stress, etc.

    Dave River
  • Cathy has a great neurofeedback system and is very passionate about helping others with brain issues. I’ve been positively impacted by the work I’ve done with her. Feeling more clear headed, more calm in stressful situations, more in control of my feelings when stressed, and am sleeping better. I appreciate Cathy’s dedication to helping others. She is good at identifying troublesome areas for each individual person and customizing the protocol to fit.

    Tracey Ziegler
  • Cathy’s Brain Painting is LIFE CHANGING. Anyone who has ADD or ADHD – do yourself a favor and go see Cathy. I know get 8 hours of great sleep, less stress in my life, feel better about myself and my life. Wish this was around years ago, I know my life would have been SO MUCH EASIER AND BETTER, if I had been doing Brain Painting session with Cathy years ago. Do not delay…..go NOW!

    Shannon McMahan
  • Cathy at the Madison Brain Center is amazing at what she does. The brain training that she has done has helped me to focus, to think clearer and recall peoples names easier.

    Clearly an accident, I was hit in the head with a bat at two years old. Knocked out, my brother remembers thinking I was dead. Luckily our skulls are softer when we are toddlers. While no issues presented at the time, I have had difficulty recalling peoples names and easily identifiable objects my whole life. I am not 100 percent yet but I know with brain training, I can get there. Thank you Cathy River for all you do!

    Denise Wood

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