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We are focused on helping you with attention, focus, cognition, mood, behavior, sleep and sensitivity issues that are interfering with the quality of your and/or your loved ones personal and professional life, education and relationships. By providing Neurofeedback, Neuro-Educational Kinesiology and Advanced Allergy Therapeutics we support the brain and nervous system’s ability to reorganize and let go of patterns of acting and reacting that interfere with physical, emotional, and educational peak performance. [ + ]

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Neuro feedback

Neurofeedback is a promising evidenced based intervention which been shown to reduce ADHD and ADD symptoms. The goal of the training protocols is to teach a person to change the way…

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Neuro Kinesiology

Both the brain and movement are essential to learning. Whole Brain learning and movement awakens and energizes the brain; movement begins in the brain. Movement is Learning. The brain takes …

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Allergy Relief

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) offers a unique and highly effective approach in treating the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities. AAT is a precision-based therapy…

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Common Neurofeedback Applications

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia/Stress
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • TBI/Head Injuries/Seizures/Stroke
  • Peak Performance/Meditation

Our Clients Said

  • Cathy was able to make great progress the the Brain Paint therapy for increase in concentration, alleviation of hyperactivity, lowering of stress, etc.

    Dave River
  • Cathy has a great neurofeedback system and is very passionate about helping others with brain issues. I’ve been positively impacted by the work I’ve done with her. Feeling more clear headed, more calm in stressful situations, more in control of my feelings when stressed, and am sleeping better. I appreciate Cathy’s dedication to helping others. She is good at identifying troublesome areas for each individual person and customizing the protocol to fit.

    Tracey Ziegler
  • Cathy’s Brain Painting is LIFE CHANGING. Anyone who has ADD or ADHD – do yourself a favor and go see Cathy. I know get 8 hours of great sleep, less stress in my life, feel better about myself and my life. Wish this was around years ago, I know my life would have been SO MUCH EASIER AND BETTER, if I had been doing Brain Painting session with Cathy years ago. Do not delay…..go NOW!

    Shannon McMahan
  • Cathy at the Madison Brain Center is amazing at what she does. The brain training that she has done has helped me to focus, to think clearer and recall peoples names easier.

    Clearly an accident, I was hit in the head with a bat at two years old. Knocked out, my brother remembers thinking I was dead. Luckily our skulls are softer when we are toddlers. While no issues presented at the time, I have had difficulty recalling peoples names and easily identifiable objects my whole life. I am not 100 percent yet but I know with brain training, I can get there. Thank you Cathy River for all you do!

    Denise Wood

Movement grows the brain. The more you move, the more the brain grows.

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